Lisa R. Wood
CEO & Founder
O 208 788 3064
M 208 720 2433
Having been involved in Executive Placement for the past 18 years, I've have seen many, big changes within the industry that have represented opportunities for us.  We continue to adapt and capitalize on change, enabling us to remain successful in good and bad economies.  As a result, we continue to evolve today into a more complete and effective staffing partner for our clients.

The technologies, tools and systems available now are worlds apart from what existed when I began my recruiting career.  Our approach, beliefs and philosophies are the same today, however.  Back then, we worked off dial-up access, fax machines, newspapers and the phone book.  Today, we have immediate access to a phenomenal network of relationships, instant research at our fingertips and more ways to connect with people that we ever could have imagined 15 years ago.  The hiring landscape has changed for us as well, in that we have a much greater reach into a global field of candidates and opportunities. 

In the end, we have remained true to our philosophy and approach, yet we have embraced new tools and technologies. As a result, our recruiting teams continue to add real value to many of the most sought-after companies and candidates available in the market today. 

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